Quickest way to create a "Roster" of characters?

Hi All,

I’m fairly familiar with UE4 and working with Blueprints but I could use some help, tips, or advice…I’m looking to create a “roster” of characters. Like think of a sports league that has players. All players have common characters about them (what team they are on, what position they play, their height, their weight, etc.) BUT those values would differ per character.

What would be the most efficient way for me to create something like that? I’ve worked with programmers in the past who could simply parse such data set in a .csv file…but I’m no coder and I’m wondering if there’s a way I can manually set this up?

Do you need this roster to persist across all levels or is the roster showing data for the current level only?

Hi There,

Essentially I’d like the roster to persist across all “levels.” What I’m aiming to build is a type of simplified football game in which my players can accumulate stats over a single season (single stat tracking) and then over their entire careers (career stat tracking) and have those stats be compared against other players in the league (seasonal league leaders and even “All-Time” leaders in given stat categories.)

  • Make a Struct containing the information you would find useful for one entry on the roster
  • Make an Array of that struct in your Game Instance (which will persist across Open Level calls). (Or use a Tmap, if that is working in Blueprints by that time)