Quick Time Events For Cleaver Animations?

This might be silly to anyone experienced with UE4, but i’m having difficulty figuring out how to transition between combat/melee (button mashing) and a quick time event (a button that triggers an animation). For a visual example of what I referring to in the God of War E3 demo [video][/video] @3:04 - 3:15 The player is able to attack and then trigger an animation with a single button. What goes into this? State machines, Matinee and getting both characters in sync. Any help will be appreciated thank you.

The event part is called a A-B Sync where the animation of the two required sides of the melee is animated verbose using the root as the world origin. The Matinee example is a good example of how this would work. You can test the theory out by pulling in all of the animations into a new environment and snap all of their local transform to 0 0 0 . When you hit play everything matches up

To trigger the event you could add a play matinee function with in your character animation blueprint with in the event graph but might want to take a look at Sequencer as I understand it makes doing QT events easier (?).

Thank you for the advice.

squencer does not let you use anim bp , atleast what I tested did not work , I had to stop the sequence and manually run different animations using animation mode to animation asset , let me know if you got it working.

Already stated a tree/draft of want I the compiler to do (theoretically) in c++. I’m doing this for a game i’m working on so any updates will be a link to a video of gameplay