Quick-switch between paint and move?

If I’m sculpting terrain, painting terrain, placing instanced foliage, or vertex painting, clicking left-button will modify the scene.

However, left-button is also one of the movement commands – if I want to move myself over to another part of the level (or just get a better view of what I’m looking at,) is there a quick way to switch to movement mode and then back to paint mode? Or some fourth/fifth mouse button binding that will always move?

I’d prefer something that doesn’t involve the keyboard at all if possible.

I’m I the only one who have a problem with this?

hold right mouse button down and use wasd?

That uses the keyboard.

middle mousewheel button :wink:

middle mouse zooms in/out but doesn’t let me steer (and is kind-of slow.)
I think most people just use the keyboard …