Quick Slots using UMG help

Hello guys,

I’ve been experimenting on UMG, I’ve read through the wiki but I’m stuck…
I’m trying to make something similar like the below picture but I’m not sure how to approach this…

What I’ve done to approach the above is: Created a widget, made 5 buttons inside a horizontal box and I’ve assigned them a texture. It all looks good but dunno how can I set fancy border for the button (2) (if in the end buttons are what is actually needed (3)) and also how to set this thing you see (1)
Also how would I go to set text to the buttons? For example assign number 1 for the 1st quick slot, number 2 for the 2nd quick slot and so forth(trying to make them hotkeys)?

Thanks in advance!

Just create an image that has the background and borders for the buttons. To use the hotkeys, just assign a variable to each button (or use an array), and access the index that is the number you pressed (the ‘4’ key would be index 4), and perform different actions from there.

Also, your post count is nearing 200, and you haven’t even been using the forums for 20 days, I have noticed quite a lot of unnecessary/redundant posts from you, so just try and keep those down to a minimum, and only post when you really need to, also try editing posts rather than making a new one.

Thanks for the answer. So I have made my buttons, so to add border to button I have to modify the texture of my buttons?
Secondly, the no.1 of the image is what?
Also, I want in the hotkeys a text of a number to appear, I know how to use them… For example in no.1 button to appear text “1” and so forth…

My post count is such, as there are so many awesome things here on the forum to participate. If there’s a problem a moderator will notify me rest assured but thanks for your suggestion

You probably shouldn’t make a texture for your button (at least I wouldn’t), but instead just make a texture for a background that sits behind the buttons, and leave the buttons to be 100% transparent.

Man, that’s awesome! You’re right, that should work perfectly! I’ll work on it and if I have more questions I’ll be back, thanks!