Quick Scale Reference & Greyboxing Set

We’d appreciate any feedback on this! This set we’re working is meant to provide a ton of gray-box assets for quick scale referencing (all items are to scale relative to the Unreal Engine world) and also for expansive gray-boxing and prototyping areas and levels.

Let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see or if you’re interested in using a content pack like this. Thanks!

This is pretty interesting, are these dimensions based off of real world dimensions?

I would suggest real world military items, tanks jeeps apc’s helicopters fighters bombers patrol boats etc.

Also lighthouses and buoys?

Nice concept, I would be interested if expansive enough.

Thanks Shirk for the feedback! Yeah exactly we did our best to only reference actual cm dimensions of real world scale when building all assets so that the world would be to scale.

Slinky great ideas thank you! That’s something we’ll think about definitely (the military vehicles) might be something that either contribute to this set or even be it’s own set but great feedback. Being expansive is something we’re shooting for with this. And hey bouys hellz yeah let’s do it lol.