Quick room building system

In UDK, it was possible to create rooms very quickly using a builder brush that could be copied and pasted. Could this be added as an option in UE4?

I second that request. I must say i have used much “worse” engines. At least under Windows Using the basic wall/floor elements, CTRL+c, CTRL+V and the snap to grid feature you can at least build basic rectangular rooms rather easy, but there are also better interfaces. Some of the basic tutorials already teach you running into flaws/problems if you follow these. Like the very first tutorial in the documentation teaches you to put a box and just enlarge x and Y to make it a floor. What it does not say is that this also stretches the floor texture in X and Y, so even a nicely looking texture is stretched so much to the max that it looks horrible. I understand that not every level has rooms or houses - there are beautiful games with tropical islands and deep forrests, but let’s admit that rooms are appearing quite often in levels or MOST games. Also the default “startup” assets are quite poor. I know you shouldn’t complain about free stuff, but the crappy door and window frame don’t do this brilliant engine justice. Just add a few dozen more high quality props to the startup pack - because this is what 95% of all people use for their first experiments with UE4 - and if these assets already look very impressive then these people will also be impressed much more. Add more wall materials, some light switches, Power sockets, realistic doors, windows, closets, desks, books, vases…alll kinds of small decoration. Hell you don’t even need to spend a dozen hours having something do this, just take some from an existing game or demo. And the first person shooter demo is nice, but also make one with input actors, triggers, HUD, Menus and so on. It takes so much time to research that stuff - you could make the start so much easier and more successful if you had more templates. Sure puzzle games and vertical scrolling shooters might still have an audience, but that’s probably not what most people think of when they get a 3D engine. The engine got the potential and you developers have the potential to make people unleash it much easier, go for it.

You can duplicate/paste BSP brushes in UE4

That is how BSP brushes are UV unwrapped.

But UE4 is designed for more than just games. If I was doing automotive industry content, I couldnt care less about BSP brushes.

Pure (and incorrect) assumption :slight_smile:

You are asking to turn UE into a sort of mod-kit. Not every project needs light switches, etc.

Thats the blues of the game developer :slight_smile:
If you are completely new to it, it takes years to learn just the decent basics.
And there is no fancy content that could make you avoid that…

Things in the engine are kept as game agnostic as possible.
And there will never be a “Make game now” button :stuck_out_tongue:

… One thing granted though: Epic could provide indeed more material on some of the engine elements. cough-slate-cough

+1 for this functionality, I’m wondering why it is not part of engine already if UDK have it and it is such a versatile tool! C’mon!

I agree with KVogler.An Engine should stay bare-bones. Additional Functionality can be put into Starter Content / Content Examples/Plugins.

But really, the functionality you want is written in < 1hr.
You just need to research a little before.

You mean something like in COD/ID Tech where press space and duplicate the brush ? Yeah there is time lost too at move the brush, in this engines you just drag from the mesh and move it, here you have to select the axis. And to scale you drag in the outside side of the bursh and scale it, is all way faster.

It’s a game development system. Sure it can be used and absued for a lot. When i was young i made a slot machine in Excel. But not like i’d complain about the slot machine simulation capabilities of Excel.

Nope - fact. Browse through the list of Unreal Engine games and count the puzzle and vertical scrolling shooter games, then count the 3D shooter games. Notice something?

Nope, I am asking to make the pack of starter assets more versatile. It already contains walls, a chair and a table and not everyone needs tables. Did you notice you can uncheck the installation of that content? But if i supply a starter pack I’d try to make it better quality if i already have enough basic assets in my posession.

Well I am not completely new to game engines. But most i used tried to at least cover LOADS of their functions in the basic templates and demos. The 3D shooter template is not bad, but it would make more sense to add some small details like a menu, some triggers, volumes, input actors and so on. Sure you can’t please everyone and my suggestions do not target die-hard developers that already work with UE4 every day. But for someone who’s not sure yet which engine to use it could drop the decision towards UE4 if it wouldn’t come so empty handed. The shame here is that there’s even pretty good free content, but you have to search for it and dig deep.

Some stuff like the Open World demo collection is BRILLIANT. This should be an option to include in the installer as this would help loads of people who start from scratch… Don’t hide such stuff…

And there is a “make game now” button “File → Package project”. :wink:

Im not sure if NASA or McLaren feel very abusive about using UE4 :wink:

Yeah. I notice that you limit your view just to Unreal engine games and then transfer that to the gaming industry as a whole.
What I see people ususally play on the phiones in the metro are… puzzle games… Q.E.D

The more stuff they supply out-of-the-box, the more assets would need to be maintained. It would require more resources on Epic’s part to keep all the assets up to date with the current engine version.
And dont think that “simple stuff”, like a static mesh or a material is not likely to change… All it needs is a change to the serializer to make the asst unreadable in newer engine versions…

Isnt there also the shooter example (not the project template) in the learning tab.
The learning tab has a lot of stuff to offer. If you check the blueprint examples or content examples,
you have examples for doors, even security cameras…
The project tempplates are really basic because they are expected to be filled with custom content anyway.

But it would be hard to get a greenlight for the FPS template “game” :stuck_out_tongue:

I neglected to mention that you could add basic shapes with the addition function then shrink the Red builder brush and click subtract to quickly create a hollow room or corridors. Then easily move the builder brush to create the next room.


Now its even simpler than that.
Just set the little checkbox in the BSP details panel that reads “Hollow” and specify a desired wall thickness.
This way you only need one brush for a room and no subtraction needed.
Note: The wall thickness means both walls along one axis. So for al wall width of 30 you need to input 60.

Tbh UDK and UE4 are way slower in that than the old engines, but there is already a post cause BSP need a total rework

No offense :slight_smile:

But it’s a little confusing to some of us as to how such requests are made, just trying to understand it, because seriously I wouldn’t want any Dev at Epic spend 5 mins over this or any other such requests to do with, wall buildings, chairs, tables etc… when you have a hundred other serious issues to deal with in this engine that are literally game/workflow breakers in some of our books.

If any example content should be asked for, it should be for more tutorials and workflow related documentations that go into the detail of things.

I’ve seen such similar requests and questions come up not only here but on live stream. Recently for instance Tim had to spend explaining for a good while that one needs to have good UV’s in order to get good lightmaps which is i’m sure in response to a hundred such questions that turn up in the forums from time to time, and someone was asking why the walls have bleeding lights after they scaled the **** out of them, I mean guys seriously if someone doesn’t know that they need to have good UV’s in order to get anything done anywhere before even touching a game engine then i say that this person is simply just wasting everybody’s time, not intentionally perhaps, and i regret that the good folks at Epic have to be too nice to take the time to explain such things that are not even considered basics when there is a line waiting outside.

Also no, almost anybody who is semi serious about development would never ask for good out of the box in engine assets to build doors with switches in order to be “impressed”. Quite the contrary i would even go as far to wish unreal didn’t have such colorful icons because they distract me while working, I would rather have grey small icons to better view my colored view editor and materials, let alone have shiny assets to look more appealing to the masses who would probably press a few shiny buttons before moving on with another job (in this regard i prefer Unity’s interface), let the assets be created outside the engine where they belong , even if its just a wall. That’s just a figure of speech.

Also many of us would take such requests a little personally because honestly for some of us, game development is our bread and butter, every minute counts, and costs us tons of our income and savings, and when there are so many things to be fixed to make some of the basics work so we can move on, one would most definitely get annoyed when Timmy next door is just making noise why he can’t slap on a few random free assets and show steam green light what he is made of. (not aimed at OP or anyone here) just saying out loud what many devs really think these days about the noise out there.

And no this game engine is not for first person shooters only, it is also for puzzle games, RPG’s, you name it, and I hope it stays and improves on those. And if you are looking for a quick prototyping assets then by all means there are tons of models free online, or grab yourself blender and get on it. Because IF you are serious at all you wouldn’t be bothering with such requests and instead focus on the things that matter or nag on things that would make a missing function work.

For some other posts while i’m at it:

More such requests revolve around (lets make an open world game! We need more engine features for that!) I don’t even want to begin on how many such forum posts i’ve read :slight_smile: . I mean “open world” really? Do they all have at least 30 million dollars stacked someplace with a huge team ready to go and most of us other guys are the poor folks around? the landscape feature can barely handle some tessellation without dying and there are huge issues to be fixed dealing with “normal games” before anything close to open world. Just goes to show that in this day and age of things there are so many loud people around that take things for granted when in the old days we would be lucky to have more than 4 3d characters on screen at the same time.

Geometry 2.0 might be what you are looking for :slight_smile:

@HeadClot - Looks like what I was looking for. It doesn’t seem to be a priority for UE devs at the moment though. In the meantime, I will take a look at this tool: once it has been updated to 4.14.