Quick questions thread

Not sure if there is already a thread like this, but I only have a quick question to post so maybe we could have people post quick questions in one thread rather than making new posts for simple questions.
Utilize it or not, I’ve been on several forums where they centralize quick questions in one thread and I always found it handy.

Anyways, my question is fairly simple, can anyone help me figure out how to attach an item to an actor’s position, let’s say a spotlight? I’m still dabbling with blueprint and I haven’t gotten around to attaching anything to actors, mainly just triggers and whatnot.

Thanks everyone!

There are a few ways you can do this, in the Scene Outliner you can just drag one actor onto another to attach. If you want a more specific location and rotation try this. Select the actor in the world you want to be the child. Then open the Level Blueprint (can be found in the pull-down for blueprint icon in the top tool bar) With the child selected in level right click in the event graph and choose “add reference to…your object” once in, pull off the blue dot at the end of your actor and type in attach. You should get a few options here. Bring in your parent actor the same way and connect it. You can also go into any mesh and add a socket as a custom attach point, then just fill in the name of the socket on the Attach Actor node and it will snap to that point.