Quick question

Can someone help me out with how to do something to tell the gun not to be able to fire unless being aimed, (this is for multiplayer)

You can try making a boolean that hold whether you are aiming or not, then have a branch on the event that holds the code for your player to fire only work when the boolean is true.

I’ll try that out

Still not able to get this done if anyone could show me that would be awesome

Pretty much like Robot said. make a boolean called IsAiming?, When the character presses the fire button to shoot the gun, make a branch to check if the player IsAiming?, if true fire the gun, if not true do nothing.

Just remember you’ll have to set IsAiming? to true when the player presses the aim key.

actually since this is for multiplayer THE SERVER will have to set it to true, you are on my patreon, there is a video that shows how this is done. We setup “can” functions to handle all that stuff i think its in part 8 of the series check it out!