Quick question:)

Hey , First off great work to everyone here on the arch vis forums, learning a lot and hopefully will show my results soon!

I am working on an arch vis but all touch based
Does anyone know how to go about moving forward in the scene by just holding your finger on the screen in the direction you want to go in?
Any help would be greatly appreciated:)

Thanks in advance

The editor doesn’t have that function, if you’re looking to do that in your project then you would have to add that type of functionality. UE4 doesn’t support Windows touch screens, but since it’s just one finger you could do it using mouse events since a single touch would send a mouse event.

Hey , thanks for the reply , where can I go about starting with the mouse event ,any tutorials or tips?

Hi Papibeast, me too just posted a similar request a moment ago.

My work are similar like you too which I understand that we need to create a button from Widget and call the character actor to move ahead and backward. Me too have no idea where to start.

Let’s keep us both updated. Cheers.

You would do it using Blueprints, you would create a Pawn blueprint and then use a mouse down event so that it is getting when the mouse button is down, and then you would just add a value to the local position of the pawn in the axis that the camera is facing, multiply that times the delta time (time since the last frame was rendered) so that it keeps moving the same speed no matter what the framerate.

Hey , Thanks for the info but ant seem to find those actor classes you mention. ( local position , camera axis etc)
any help would be greatly appreciated:)

Those would be done with nodes in Blueprints, I don’t know the exact names since I don’t have the editor in front of me right now, but that would be the general idea for what you’d do. might want to look at some of the other gametypes to see how Blueprints are used and test doing some on your own.

Hi papibeast,

have you got it working ?

My current work-around method is to use Right Mouse Click to move the character forward. Add that into INPUT under Project Setting.

In HID-compliance touch screen. Tap and Hold = Right Click mouse button.


Hey, no luck so far:(
Going to try this out thanks for the tip!

So tried what you said , it works but… when I press finger down player doesn’t advance unless I slightly move left or right…