Quick question!

Hi i’m trying to do a function do stick a ball to my character (like hes holding it) and someone showed me two picture on how to do it here are those

but my problem is (in the third image) the last node cant have a target to get a blue link… why? Also do you think its a good way to do what i wanted?

Hey Olimar, here’s a shot in the dark. You may or may not already know about this too. I would try to create that last node you want by dragging out from the “blue dot” that represents what you want to be the input into empty graph space. Then you should see a list of nodes available for that type of input. If you can’t find that same node by doing that then I believe it is very likely that node will not work with blue object data pin. I know I didn’t really look far into your issue here but I hope I could help a little.

hey thanks :slight_smile: my question was resolved a bit after i asked it ;p but thanks very munch for you time ^^