Quick question in animation pack (where are two specific animations)

When I look at photos of animation pack I see one of the pawn in a position like it is holding a pistol.
im pretty sure I checked all the animations in the packs folder and didn’t find it. [Edit: idle_pistol I’m missed THAT somehow…face palm] Can anyone tell me where it is? (i.e. it’s name and if it is in a different folder maybe?)

Second. Basic running animation? When I use the Ue4 pawn the default movement is the hip held riffle position. Where is just the plain running animation to choose it over that?

There’s some in the Third Person Project. Just add it to your existing project.

I have the hardest time with this for some reason. Animation starter pack was easy. Down load, click add to project and there is a file there.

But how to I add in the third person project to my game without starting a new project? I don’t ever just see these floating around? Is there a certain place I can pull them up and just his add to project?

all tutorials I look at START with third person, which explains why they seem to just be able to pull these up. I started with twin stick shooter.
(Hindsight should’ve started third person, modified the controls a bit and fixed the camera where I wanted it. Been easier it seems and actually require less work…)

Down beside the Import button is Add New, then at the top of the options is content pack, then one should be able to choose third person project.

Geez…thanks. I was looking under things like the file tab…no wonder I never saw that…
Thank you

Now i can go dig back up the tutorial on re-targeting these so i can use them…you help was greatly appreciated