Quick question about usage of other peoples meshes

So I’m download some meshes etc from a website, on these meshes it either says

“Personal use only” - This one is obvious

then theres

Commercial use License
Non-commercial use License

Any1 know what those two are about? Am I free to use them in my game with credits to the owner or how does this all go?

Thanks in advance

Non-commercial use license means you can use them if your game is free. If it’s paid, you can only use stuff with commercial use license.

Depending on the situation, there may be a statment from the creator about what you are allowed to do with the files. Commercial uses means any use where you would make money using the files.

If the meshes don’t have any info about that type of thing, then you can’t assume that it’s OK to use the meshes, a lot of stuff is out there that might be ripped from a game illegally.

Alright great, thanks a lot for the replies. I’ll focus o the “Commercial use license” then :wink:

and even when it says “commercial use license” keep in mind that depending on the website, these meshes (and other content) might be acquired in shady ways.
so if you are doubting about the websites you are downloading from, dont hesitate to ask here or in a variety of ue4/game dev related communities :slight_smile: