Quick question about UMG progress bar

I Am creating a conquest type game where the object is to capture points on the map Like battlefield 2

the points have 3 states neutral =nobody owns it & red & blue for the teams that have captured it. To capture it from another team it first must be neutralized so the opposing teams points are first reduced from 100 to zero, then the capturing teams points are added until its 100 then they have captured it. The capture point itself has the 2 separate integer values for each team.

So my question is how can I have a single progress bar represent this change EG: RED team try’s to capture a point from blue team so first the full blue bar must empty then refill with a red value.
Or will I have to use 2 separate progress bars and hide unhide each of them.

I would like to hear some good advice / suggestions on what I could do and how I could use a single bar for each of the teams point.

How many teams?
if you are looking for binary, just make a single variable in the waypoint have -1 and 1 as the maximum, and modify the value/display the value based on the team’s score.

-1 to 1 is just easier to understand who is leading, as you’d always have to have a value above or below 0 to be in the lead.

If you have more then 2 teams, then you need to come up with something a bit more beefy for implementing it.
One variable per team, with a 0 to 1 (or 0 to 100, whatever) of the current state.
Some math to determine the best color and the team capturing, etc.

I guess I could change the Control point to a single integer Value like you suggested instead of having 1 for each team.
But Im still not sure how the progress bar can be full blue at -1, full red at 1, and empty at zero.
Thats the confusing bit and the part Im wondering if its possible to make that work on a single bar.

I solve it by having 2 bars One for each teams control points and changing the visibility of each bar.
But I would still be interested if that was possible to pull off with a single bar

Usually the bar is never empty. if you have 2 teams you are constantly filled up to half from both teams, and they literally fight over who has more control of the bar.
Hence why using a variable from -1 to 1 allows for a decent way to shift that center spot into place…

One way to do it:

Red & Blue advantage are the players present on each side; here simulated by buttons.

vid: https://i.gyazo.com/7ab68fba5021784d…6cdb0f5fd1.mp4

If the red team’s presence is as strong as the blue’s, there’s no change.

You’d need to work in additional features:

  • diminishing returns for player presence (if you want it to work like BF’s version)
  • if max value is not reached and both red & blue presence is 0, the progress gradually drops to 0; in order for one team to *own *the flag, you must capture it fully first!