Quick Question about the Character Controller

First, Where do I find the default Character Controller in the Control Panel (Engine Content I’m guessing)?

Second, Is it possible to add functions, variables, and more (From MyCharacter) to Player Controller? The reason being is that I want to make a party switcher so instead of putting a lot of the functions that all characters should be able to access when the player is controlling them, I can add it to the controller so that everything would be the same no matter what. This would also help with my UMG menu and changing the HUG Display when the player switches characters.

Last, is there a way to reference characters that aren’t spawned from Class Blueprints? A huge problem I am having with switching characters is that I have to spawn them first and when I switch, it respawns duplicates of them continuously.

  1. Yes it is in the “Engine” folder of the content browser (you will need to turn the folder on with the view settings to see it though).

  2. Instead of editing the base character class, create a default character class that has all of the functions/variables etc. you need for all of your characters, and then create your individual characters using your base class as the parent blueprint. This can be done by searching for your base blueprint name from the “Create New Blueprint” menu where you can select the parent bp, use your own instead of the default Character class.

  3. you should be able to get a reference by using a “Get all actors of Class” node](, this returns an array of all the actors of a specific class, you can then cast to your character class and then iterate through to find the desired character.