Quick question about modding

Is it possible to edit a mod off of steam? there’s a few mods i would like to edit, just a few values in them and am curious if i can just throw the .uasset files in and open them up or not.

I have tried it but it errors and was wondering if its even possible or if im a idiot and have done something wrong (its probably the second option in this case haha)

Cooked mods are compressed, encrypted and obscured. They cannot be modified/read after they have been cooked, and furthermore after uploading.

Approach the mod developer and ask if they’d be willing to open up the values you want to modify, if they can be modified for how the mod is set up, using the Get Option nodes(which allows Integers, Floats and Booleans for mods to be defined through the GameUserSettings.ini file upon run-time/load) in the DevKit.