Quick question about map modding

Good evening everyone,

Hopefully my searching skills aren’t that dull and this hasn’t been explained over and over before. I’m completely new to modding ARK, barely any modding experience and mostly learned some C#, basic 3d modeling as a hobby. Now I’m not really thinking about projects, but rather something that I personally want for my own private server (hopefully stable enough to be shared) on my spare time.

On to the question. The map, more specifically, the vanilla map TheIsland. I’ve already read up on map extensions and how they allow you to customize sublevels, essentially allowing you to add things like floating islands as a clean mod. However, I was wondering if you can actually modify the current map the same way that the devs did when they added the new biomes (aka modify map, add new terrain, upload it to official servers, run). Actually, I don’t exactly want to modify the map, but I want to add on to it, expanding the limits and surrounding the main island with other islands while keeping the original.

Seeing other much bigger maps, the map latitudes and longitudes remain the same, it almost feels as if the world and everything in it has been scaled down to allow more space. Hopefully that’s either not the case or just an option, because I definitely believe that the map limits can be lifted off. On top of that, if I were to wait until they add other(s) biome(s) and expand the map whichever way or theory that has been spoken and finish it, and simply add around the main island, wouldn’t future updates that simply modify the island itself be compatible? Or at least, those sections of the map (the original TheIsland) could be manually overridden with the updated version.

Thanks in advance.

Alright. That question aside, here’s another one.

In case they update certain areas of the map (such as when they added the new biomes) where the structures got somewhat wiped, if the same happened to an isolated area such as, say, Dead Island (or Carno Island), would it be possible to revert the changes in the dev kit, cook it as a mod and just manually update the map with whatever else the developers add down the line?

EDIT: Nevermind this one. If I’m not completely mistaken, all I would have to do is cook that part of the map as a map extension to prevent changes to it.