Quick question about listening for events when using AddWorldOffset to move another Object

Hi, I have a quick question about collisions when using AddWorldOffset to move an object.

For example, I have PawnA, which is moved using an AddWorldOffset node with Sweep set to True.

I have another object Blocker which is simply an actor with a CollisionBox on it.

I know I can detect hit events on the Pawn from either the AddWorldOffset node itself, or OnComponent hit, however I don’t seem to be able to listen for the hit events on the Blocker object itself. I was just hoping someone could confirm this is the expected behaviour or let me know what I am missing. I’ve tried this with a few combinations of Hit or Overlap settings but don’t seem to be able to get it to register. It also makes sense to me if the Sweep being blocked means that no hit event occurs on the Blocker, but it would be useful to be able to register the interaction.

As a workaround I could use the Collision on the pawn to pass data to the object it hit but that seems a little clumsy if there is a way to detect it directly on the Blocker object.

Both objects are set to Block each other, have a Collider as a Root Node, have Simulation Generates Hit Events = T, and Generate Overlap Events = T. I can register the hits with the Pawn (which is being moved) just not the object it is colliding into.