Quick question about GameCenter Verification in C++

I’m working on verifying my game center users login through my third party server. I just have to figure out how to call this function and return the values to the game to send off to my server:


  • (void)generateIdentityVerificationSignatureWithCompletionHandlervoid (^)(NSURL *publicKeyUrl, NSData *signature, NSData *salt, uint64_t timestamp, NSError *error))completionHandler;

func generateIdentityVerificationSignature(completionHandler: ((URL?, Data?, Data?, UInt64, Error?) -> Void)? = nil)

I just don’t know much about c++ and Unreal’s way of going about things. I would like to make it a blueprint callable function to make things easier for me. I just need the blueprint callable function in the .cpp and the .h. Im not sure if it is different from normal things.


Did you figure this out? I’m currently in the same boat