Quick question about EPIC's "Animation and Rigging Tools"...

Hi there.
Just wondering… what’s the difference between EPIC’s “Animation and Rigging Tools” and Maya’s native ones?
Are there some sort of incompatibilities between them?
Do Maya’s Animation and Rigging Tools have features that don’t work on UE4, therefore the creation of EPIC’s?:confused:


The best way I can describe it is that EPIC’s “Animation and Rigging Tools” are optimized tools based on Epic’s own character creation and animation workflow between Maya and UE4. However, if you are already comfortable with Maya’s native tools, you should not experience any difficulty working with those and UE4.

If you’d like a more in depth explanation, you can ask the creator of the tool himself, Jeremy Ernst, by posting your question here:

It’s just a custom auto-rigger with an added bonus of being compatible with Epic’s way of things. You can easily substitute it with your own rigging solution or other auto-riggers like AdvancedSkeleton and etc. Just make sure you follow the naming convention if you want to stay compatible with Epic’s skeleton.

Thank you guys. :slight_smile: