Quick question about AI and if creature is peaceful or violent.

Just where is it determined if the creature attacks the player on sight (within it’s aggro range) or not? I’ve been browsing the AIController_BP and Character_BP files under the Dinos folder for a few hours now, comparing neutral creatures to aggressive ones, and am unable to see just where the variable is that affects this. I see all the single AI behaviors under the CoreAI folder, but that looks like it is just called individually as needed. I’m looking for the one that says “you look tasty, get in my belly.”

Any help or just a quick pointer would be greatly appreciated.

would be the graph function

Near as I can tell, that just says the exact same information in a different way? It is rather interesting, I hadn’t seen that yet. However all the variables are the same and it doesn’t seem to have any extra settings shown. I see many behavior modifiers and saying which routines to use, however both peaceful animals and dangerous ones have mostly the same settings. Must have some sort of generic name that blends in.

There is a couple check boxes that you can check I believe under DinoStatusComponent_BP that controls most of the settings surrounding this.

Example & a super mini lesson on booleans: bAttacksCarnos aka the check box is Attacks Carnos (Checked = yes, unchecked = no), the check equating to a 1 (boolean version of yes), and the unchecked equating to a 0 (boolean version of a no).

In addition, you could also also just completely turn down its aggro radius to 0 (I haven’t tried, but in theory it should work) in the same place.

That should take care of most if not all of what you want I think :slight_smile:


any ideas on ownership?

That’s exactly what I’m looking for. Sadly All the DinoStatusComponent_BP files only go over things like stamina, torpidity, temp, xp leveling, ect. Lots of other status related things though. Checked 4 different ones to make sure :confused: But yeah I understand boolean operations, I understand most of what I’m browsing here. Just unable to find which files they buried weighted aggro and whatnot inside of or if they renamed it something insanely vague. Found many other similar things like how aggro ramps up, the calls for help, attack ranges, ect. However most of the numbers are the same for both neutral creatures and aggressive ones, meaning that somewhere something else is controlling that and these values are used for after they are aggro’d. Basically for after you run up to a dodo and poke it with a stick.

Thanks for trying to help though both of you. I’m still poking around.

Think I found it for anyone else interested. Not exactly what I was hoping for but I see what they did and how to fix it. For anyone else interested:


[Named Team Definitions]
Each of these are the different setups for what they want to attack, the “teams”. So the main herbivore team doesn’t have any teams listed to target since they attack nothing (unless provoked).
Carnivores have several teams listed to target. There’s several subdivisions between size groups as well as a tick box where they will only attack players (freaking ants have this checked).

Than to build off this (using ants as an example):
[Targeting Team Name Override: Carnivores_Medium_TargetPlayerOrTamed]
This is where it sets which team the targeting is based off of.

Need to read the sticky on actually making a mod now that I have a plan and than will test it. Will be switching all the bugs teams to regular herbivore and seeing what happens. Like the idea of bugs, but targeting the stupid flyers just irritates me, not even taking into account server lag :confused:

I was recently trying to figure out how to make a herbivore… say a Trike… aggressive.

I’m quite certain there is a non-exposed boolean… that causes CoreAI/Dino_BT to fire off CoreAI/ForceAggro_BT and make certain dinos automatically try to attack anything that matches PrimalGameData_BP->Named Team Definition criteria.

That value is almost certainly inside (dino)_AIController_BP.

I just changed the controller in the Trike_Character_BP to use Carno_AIController_BP instead… and instant aggro :slight_smile:

im trying my dodos to behave like raptors, im using testmap and directly dragging dodo_character_BP_mod to the test map, i guess you are talking about AIController Class if you leave dodo_AIcontroller_BP when you hit dodos they flee, and if you use Raptor_AIcontroller_BP when you hit them they fight, but you have to hit them no instant aggro :frowning:

maybe i need to copy more files to the mod directory? i only have PrimalGameData_BP_mod , TestGameMode_mod, TestMap_mod and Dodo_Character_BP_mod

Change the percent to flee value. It’s in character BP I believe.

Did not Dodos attack you if you attack their kind ?

ok later on when i arrive at home will try with the flee value, but i dont think it will make them attack me at sight.

well … short of , they behaved peacefully untill i hit them, but thats not the behaviour i was looking for, i want them to attack at sight like any other carnivore, but there were weird things going around, i used different settings for 4 dodos i had spawned, the weird thing was that if i used Flying_AIcontrollers dodos flew around me, and if using carnoAIcontroller they step like a meter from me and didnt attack cause their aggro stops(i think they step where carno feet would be, but their neck is shorter and cant attack), the most vicious AI was Dilo_AIcontroller may be cause they are simillar in shape or something.

ah… and i also tried copying Carno_AIcontroller_BP to the mod folder and renamed it Dodo_AIcontroller_bp_mod and the same result…oh i forgot to mention and maybe its important alll files are correctly parented

right now im thinking about making a full new variant of a dino and create a a NPCspawnvolume in the testmap to check if they spawn correctly…

which new variant?

lol XDDD right now i have 2 options,

  1. variant: a dodo that behaves like a raptor —>yesterday night i was trying to repeat everything i had made till now following the new variant howto and the same results, i have re-read this post and have found this

when i arrive home ill try this changes to see if it works now

  1. variant: a raptor that looks like a dodo, i have not looked into this option but if i cant make a dodo behave like a raptor maybe its easier to make a raptor look like one