Quick Q re: legal use of textures, etc.

Hi All,

Quick question.

Can I use Unreal Example content in a released game?

Novice to Unreal. My son is doing a course in game design. He has been informed that he is unable to use Unreal Content example content in a released game (e.g. textures, normals, etc.).

I am focusing on level design and am wondering if I can use Unreal Content Example (e.g. water, normals, etc.) in a finished game. Understanding is I would have to replace example content with own content (or through Marketplace).

Have read EULA. Looking for clarification re: use of textures, etc. supplied through examples.

Understand difference between license and ownership, also Tournament content.

Sorry if this has been asked elsewhere, not been able to find it.



Everything inside the engine and marketplace is okay to use, that’s the purpose of it.

When you need an official statement: https://www.unrealengine/faq :slight_smile:

What can I do with content I obtain from the Marketplace and Learn tab?

Besides using this content for learning, experimenting, and prototyping, you can also ship it in your own products, too! However, you can’t sell or sublicense Marketplace content to other developers for use in their products, e.g. via website or e-commerce mechanism built into a 3D development tool.

Thanks for the clarification.