Quick place objects? Ctrl+Shift+click?

Hi there!
Is there some way how to quickly place actors already presented in the scene?
For instance I have an object placed somewhere outside my working area. As I think it can be placed in a scene, I usually select it from so called “minizoo”, then clone, fly to the needed place and press CTRL+SHIFT+click. Asset placed, I just need make some tweaks to it’s position.

That’s how it works in CryEngine and afaik in Unity too. This is so convenient! In UE4 I have to duplicate actor with CTRL+W, then Cut it with CTRL+X and then make “Paste Here” operation, thanks Zog it is shortcuttable :slight_smile:

why not just drag & drop it out of the content browser?

Content Browser is really awesome, but for some simple things it’s not applicable. Imagine you need to fill in some area with props already placed nearby. The fastest way to place some bucket or garbage will be select already placed props in a scene, duplicate it and lay it down into working area via some hotkey. Now I have to make a copy via CTRL+C and perform Paste Into with ALT+V (my custom hotkey) which is not so bad. I just thought there was another way for such a things

If they are already placed closeby, you can just click on the mesh you want, hold alt and drag the gizmo.

If I have an asset many many KMs away from where I want to paste it, is there a way to say PASTE HERE, PASTE IN PLACE?

This will allow faster workflows.

I.E, If I’m in perspective view, I click to an object I want and hit CTRL C. I then hit where I want to move it and tap something next to that space, hit F, zoom in and try to paste…

…it pastes over the original object I selected first and I have to spend a while dragging it across the map.

Is there a Paste-in-place function that centers the paste where the camera view is, or on whatever you have selected?