Quick Noob Question: Size map in miles/km?

Hi guys,

I got a simple but very nooby like question. How do I know how big the maps are in real life. This is the first time I’m making a 3d game en the first time I’m using UE4. When I create my landscape there are some options. Currently I have: Section size 255x255, sections per component 1x1, number of components 16x16, overall resolution 4081x4081, total components 256.

So how big is this in km or miles? And would this be big enough to create an open world?

Thanks in advance!



Default in Unreal World - 1 Unreal Units = 1 centimeter.

Read this also

You can find your answer for example here
But in short: 1 Unit = 1 centimeter.

Thanks for your replies! I actually did find those pages, but what i don’t know is, where i can find the unreal units used in my map? So what values should i use to calculate the size and where can I find these values?
PS i kept everything except the previous mentioned values on default

Thanks but, how can i now know how big my map is. Can i find the unreal units somewhere? Is there any tutorial that shows you how to know how big the map would be in real life?

The grid you see in Top view is 5km x 5km. If you want to mesure a distance hold and drag middle mouse button and you’ll see the ruler appear, and it will give you the value in Unreal units/cm. You can also see a reference ruler in the bottom left corner of the viewport in orthographic views. If that is not enough and you need more reference in perspective view place a blue man from third person template into your level - he is about 180cm.

Thanks! Helped a lot!