Quick newbie questions


This is for multiplayer only.
I have some questions which I cannot find the answer to.

  1. Lets say I have one building in the Main level Open World, that building will have a custom interior, that interior can i make it in a new level and add a teleport point from a to b ? Can i create unlimited amount of levels ?

  2. When creating open world map should i use the UE4 map creator or should i use High Map and inport it the ue4. If I use high map can i edit high map inside the editor?

  3. Any way I can add one spawn point for all the players that will join in one level, not multiple spawns one by one. Just one for everyone ?

Anyone who has some answers ?

I missed a post, but it came up on my notification list in Windows 10 pro today, sorry for your frustration happens to most of us often ;))—anyway so what do you mean 'make it in a new level, for MP very large worlds, that’s std behavior.
What is ‘high map’, do you mean something like L3DT pro(which now is free btw, amazing author!)? My MMO ish world atm anyway is being done mostly manually so yes why not :slight_smile:

Lastly, I have zero experience about spawn points, as I’m not to that point as yet-- however: Say in WoW haven’t played in a long time too expensive for my tastes etc, you DO join a common spawn point depending on the type of player you create.

Doubt that answers #3 but its a foot in the right direction hopefully :))

So the thing is, having allot of buildings with interiors and in the interiors lots of objects, that will cause the game to lag. So a fix should be to place the interiors somewhere else and teleport the player to that particular intirior, if you know what i mean. Or is it a better way of doing that ?

Second question is , can I edit the High map in UE4, or I can just apply material to it.

The trick used in AAA games is to have interior buildings objects disabled/hidden when the player is not nearby. Having all objects/actors inside BluePrints is the best option to do that then having just a flag to manage the hide/unhide option at runtime. Obviously such a system should react to any AI interacting with the buldings as well. If your game would have AI NPCs able to enter a building, destroying a building or whatever then you should set the rules to have the AI find any actor/object inside the building unhidden to interact with it if needed and decide when the AI NPCs would get enabled on the map too… still when the player is not far away maybe and depending on what they would do then have the objects in buildings interiors not hidden.

Would this work for multiplayer as well ? You don’t think it will cause lag to do it like you mentioned ?

Probably for multiplayer games additional code is needed to ensure that everything is smooth. I don’t have any experience with replication code for multiplayer games. But it is known that big software houses do that to boost performance on AAA games and that surely includes multiplayer ones too. Someone with experience of replication code might give you details on how to achieve maximum performance on that.

What you are discussing is streaming- this should be what you need. Didn’t watch whole video as I don’t need that kind of streaming atm,but prob. worth a look if you don’t already know about this UE4 - Tutorial - Level Streaming! - YouTube . and yes he’s using a interior scene.