Quick Newbie Question

Can’t seem to find the answer in a tut or Google (or maybe I’m not sure what I’m looking for), but I want to do some balancing to the older dinos so people might want to use them again and I found out how to do that by just using Google, but the admin for my server won’t accept the mod unless I’m 100% sure it’s “clean and stackable”. How do I make sure it is so? I mean, obviously I plan on extensive testing to make sure it functions without busting things, but I want to be sure I’m doing everything I can to make it “clean and stackable”.

Thanks! :3

Clean and stackable just means that it doesn’t require priority over other mods. This type of mod, if you’re just using the Remap NPC in the PrimalGameData, will stack with other mods so long as they too don’t remap any npc’s. In that scenario, whichever mod is loaded first takes priority.