Quick Medieval Houses tool (Blueprint + Meshes)

UPDATE: This asset was released, and is available in the marketplace: Modular Medieval Houses in Blueprints - UE Marketplace

The tool allows for the quick creation of medieval houses by utilizing blueprints. There are 3 types of buildings: a regular house, an extra wide house and a tower. For each of these the user is presented with a standard element, on which he can add auxiliary elements (such as wings, extensions, balconies, doors and chimneys) wia the Details panel of the blueprint.

The idea behind this was to make entire towns that can be used as background decoration, or to combine the houses with decorational meshes without fearing performance issues.

So far there are:

  • 19 Meshes: Between 100 and 2500 triangles
  • 9 Materials
  • 3 Blueprints

Some materials have a parameter called “Age”, which can be changed from the details panel of the blueprint. This parameter controls a few material masks which blend textures of drainage, dirt and moss to create an aging effect.

Looks really good, are the houses enter able?

No, but I could add it if enough people ask for it.