Quick Math Question (Cirlce)

Please look at the attached image. It should be a very simple math question that I’m having a mental block with. Given the parameters of the height of a line (H) and the radius of the circle (r) I’m just trying to figure out the angle of (x) in radians in order to segment the next line with the same height (H). Basically, I’m stamping out lines around a circle that should look joined together and have the same height.


I’m not sure if I exactly know what you’re going for, but wouldn’t it be 0.761012764225… radians?

If im assuming this right, 1/2 of x is equal to tan(x/2)=40/100.

which gives x/2 = 21.8 degrees

convert from degrees to radians
21.8 * (pi/180) gives

0.38… radians

0.38 * 2 = 0.76… radians

so x = 0.761012764225 radians.

I’m not 100% sure of that though, I’m pretty rusty when it comes to math, also not 100% sure what you’re going for.