Quick List About Character Creation

Hello mates.

I have been trying the UE4’s character creation and versatility and how some number of quick questions.

  • For making a “Modular Characters” I could find two approaches. One is “ModularPawn.cpp” approach the other is using Bluepirints via “Additonal Body Parts” option. Which is advisable ? Or is there a better another way ? Is there a road map for this on Epic’s side ?

  • For simulating Jiggles are “Spring Joint” the only way ? Or is it the best way ?

  • For simulating character hairs like “Ponytails” or things like long belts or leather parts what should I use ?

  • For character cloth Simulation the APEX is supposed to be the only way I suppose ?

  • Currently (September/2015) we still have to export different FBX files for for each animation right ?

    Thanks. These are all I can remember.