Quick job to fix a crash error for a Steam Game


I am offering $50 to anyone who can figure out the reason behind our** “Fatal Error!”** crashes for you Steam game Farmtale. We have tried a few things and we are out of ideas. PM me for more information.

Engine: Unreal Engine 4.24.3

got more details on the crash? maybe a screenshot or something

Yes of course. Here is what it looks like when the game crashes with that exact message:


We can’t reproduce the error as it seems very random. People crash by doing different things and it doesn’t happen in a specific place in the game (by opening a specific UI or anything like that). Here are crash logs from 3 different people from those who crashed. Nothing else is generated from it:

Player #1:…w?usp=drivesdk

Player #2:…

Player #3:

We thought it had something with “Fullscreen mode” to do but people also crash in Windowed mode. We also thought it was our water shader but it didn’t help when we completely deleted it from the game.

We also made them download the latest Visual C++ Redist (Steamworks common Redist) when downloading the game. But that didn’t help.

It seems to crash people but not others. I for example didn’t crash on my very high end PC (RTX 2080 Ti with i9 CPU) but I crashed frequently on my very laggy and old laptop with the same “Fatal Error!” Message.