Quick Dev Tips #18 Separate Lighting Channels - (Fast bite-sized UE4 / UE5 Tips & Tricks)

#18 Separate Lighting Channels

Did you know that you can split lighting into separate channels so only certain things will be lit and others will be excluded?

This is a really cool and useful thing that my friend told me about a while back. Lighting is always tough to get looking right, especially when you are trying to light multiple things in the same level/scene. Sometimes you want to be able to light things separately and that’s exactly what you can do with lighting channels. An example of this could be having your playable character or an important item like a loot chest, lit by a completely different set of lights to the general ambient lighting of your level. This can be a great way to help make your player or asset stand out!

As a quick overview of how it works we can set lighting channels on both the object we want to be affected as well as the lights we want to affect that object. These settings can be quickly found by searching details panels for Lighting Channels. Unreal has 3 separate channels we can use. For a proper breakdown of how to use them check out my links below:

If you want to learn more about how it works then check out my links below:

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