Quick arch-viz scene (it's not a kitchen)

I decided to try a quick scene workflow to see what I can do in unreal instead of v-ray. It took about 8 hours from the modeling to the final rendering. I think we can make very atmospheric scenes with unreal really quickly.
I’ve tried to make the Chai Ballande, a wine storehouse situated in France. Reference picture :


The setup couldn’t be more basic :

-single sided geometry (basically 2 walls and 1 roof)
-only a skylight set to stationary
-Ultra dynamic sky set to overcast/cloudy
-heavy exponential height fog
-The orange LEDS are made from simple emissive material.
-2d plane trees
-water plane with ssr and surface perpixel enabled
-a LuT
-world displacement for the terrain
-vertex painting for the concrete
-print screen to take the shots at a resolution of 9244x5200 (downsampled in photoshop to 1280x720)

Light build time = 8 mins


No post-prod in photoshop at all, straight from unreal and just re-sized in photoshop! Images appear a bit dark on the forum vs. in my computer in raw format/full size :frowning:

That is amazing! :open_mouth:

Sweet! Where’s the stove? :wink:

Are the lights writing something or are they just totally random?

It seems to be random. I found a picture of the pattern on archdaily and replicated it. In real life the lights are pulsing at different pace. (I could replicate it in Unreal but I’ve decided to make stills). I have only found a small video demonstrating it but this paper explains it a bit. They won a price for the lighting.


I should have added the white spot light lighting the whole facade tho but I was afraid to burn the image. I might replicate the effect in photoshop because the renderings are too dark for my taste. Especially with the compression and reduced resolution.

How did you do the stars at night image/background? These are beautiful images.

Nice work! I would tweak the glowing lights however, it seems as though there is too much bloom, and it takes away from the realism/original reference!

I bought ultra dynamic sky from the marketplace. It’s really a complete integrated sky solution.

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll do another tweaking pass soon!

I removed the HDR lut I was using in unreal, reduced the bloom and adjusted the brightness in photoshop instead. I think it looks better now.


This looks really great! Can you explain a little more about your light setup? Is the only light being calculated skylight? Any specific settings for the skylight or do you have them set to default? Lastly, is the ultra dynamic sky only for background with no directional light being used? Thanks in advance for any clarification.


It’s really just a skylight set to static iirc. I used ultra dynamic sky without directional light. It’s basically just there for the look :stuck_out_tongue:

I really like this project, nice job!