Quick answers for what's possible in engine.

I’m looking to get into creating my own mods, but I I’m starting with an outline of what I’m trying to do, with no knowledge of how to work with this engine. In order to do that I need to know what’s possible in this engine, and I’m coming to you guys for quick, off-the-top-of-your-head answers for if the things on my list are possible. Don’t spend too much time researching it if you don’t know, and don’t go into details of how to do it. Really just looking for yes and no answers here. I’ll do the research on my own when the time comes, but I’m looking for a good start of that diving board.

  1. Can I have a dino lay a fertilized egg that will hatch into a different dino from its parent, based on items in its inventory?
  2. Can I modify cooking recipes to create additional items in the exact same manner as making kibble or stews, or do I need to work within the custom crafting system already in place?
  3. Is it possible to gain access to the stats and mathematical progression for dino’s created through another mod, or do I have to ask the creator for the specifics I need? Not looking to copy, but looking to make my own dino of similar power levels.