Quick Add/Subtract and Exposed-to-Spawn-nodes improvement

May I suggest two more features for improving the blueprints and their construction?


would turn this:

into a single node. Simply the name of the variable on top and a field for adding or subtracting from the variable at the bottom.

2.: I don’t like that I have to use variables for variables which are exposed to spawn:

(I have to set the Spawn Mode variable before using it’s value in the SpawnActor-node)
They should have the same fields for values like every other node. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your attention!

For #2 I believe this has been changed and the expose on spawn parameters can be set as literals, but as best I can tell it did not make the 4.3 build and so will be a part of 4.4.

I know #1 has been discussed but I don’t know at what point we might see it implemented.