Queueing jump

Hi there,

Completely new to unreal engine and just trying to work everything out. I’ve come to my first hurdle I can’t seem to find any answers for.

I have the normal FPS example jump system in the game. Right now I have to land after jumping, then press space bar to jump again. I wanted to basically set it up so if I press space while I’m in the air - the moment I land it’ll jump me back up again. So not quite a double jump, more like queueing the jump for when I land.

Seems like something that should be simple, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how it’s done in unreal engine.

Any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Sure Mate. There is a Event called On Landed that gets called if the Character Lands. You can simply Count how many times you Landed already if its less than the Max amount of Bounces you want Jump again and +1 the Counter. If you reached the Max Bounces you reset the Counter reset the counter to 0 and dont Jump anymore.

Little note this will also get called if you drop of a Edge you maybe want to set another bool to Check if you Pressed your Jump button. Add it to the Branch to avoid this behaviour. here a Picture of the BP (not tested)

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. That works great for continuous automated jumping but I was after something with a bit more control, I didn’t explain that part properly sorry.

Basically if the space key (Jump key) is pressed while in the air. You will jump again the moment you land, So jumping feels more fluid.

Right now it works so that you must land first and then press space key or you wont jump.
I’m trying to make it so I can press the space key prior to landing and it’ll still jump when landing, but I must press the space key otherwise it won’t jump on landing. Hope that makes sense of what I’m trying to achieve here. Appreciate the help!