Queued Anim Notify State triggers twice. Bug or am I misunderstanding it?

  1. Setup an Anim Montage that lasts around 1sec

  2. Add an Anim Notify State that starts at 0.1sec and lasts for 0.5sec with Tick Type set to Queued. https://puu.sh/FCorN/1c098260c0.pnghttps://puu.sh/FCosl/78271196df.png

  3. Play that Montage, then play it again on Blend Out: https://puu.sh/FCoui/ff34965b78.png

Looking at the above, it would be natural to assume the Notify will trigger once on each Montage Play, so triggering 2 times total. Right? But that’s not what actually happens. The Anim Notify State will trigger once for the first Montage Play then trigger twice on the second, triggering a total of 3 times. https://puu.sh/FCowZ/02e20e594b.png

Changing tick type from Queued to Branching Point fixes the issue and it correctly triggers the notify only once for each anim play. I understand that Queued trigger would make it less reliable in exchange of performance. But I thought it could at worse make it trigger a little late, not that it could somehow make it trigger more than once on the same Montage.

Is this a bug in how Queued notify works that I should report? Or am I just misunderstanding how Notifies work and this behaviour is expected?

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Never used it this way.
My 2c is report it anyway.
That’s what the epic support team is there for, triage of possible bugs.

You should probably include screenshots though, since even knowing what you are talking about it’s hard to figure out how you set the notify event.

I also found the same issue. I have a path that will definitely reproduce.

I have an attack montage, there is an AnimNotifyState in the montage, start the trace at NotifyBegin, end the trace at the NotifyEnd, and execute actor.CustomTimeDilation=0 when it hits the target and last for 0.1s, then this AnimNotifyState will be executed twice. If there is no actor.CustomTImeDilation=0, it will only be executed once. And when AnimNofityState is set to the branch point, it is only executed once.

I can’t understand why