Queue Animation

Hi Guys!

I’m trying to make a “queue” animation.

So i would like to push a button (an input like space bar) to make the queue going farward,so every time i press that specific button the queue physically go on.

Is this possible?

I would like to use basic animation like mixamo idle and walk something very simple in order to understand this mechanic!

Sure is this possible. As you said, you’ll need an idle and a walking animation. With a state machine you can combine them into a “one or two steps forward” animation. Then you can make multiple instances of this skeletal mesh and call the animation on all of them.

Thank you for the info i’ll try and let you know if i figure it out.

Can you link to me an example…i feel quite lost to create a multiple instances and link it to call the animation!
Anyways thank you again to let me discover the animation bending!!!

This is not so easy to explain, as too there are many ways to do this. I suggest you watch a few tutorials about animation blueprints (also state machines) and skeletal meshes. One possible way would be to make a state variable “IsWalking”, an idle state and a walking state. IsWalking triggers the walking state and plays the walking animation for a specific duration. After that it goes back to the idle state. Then everything you need to do is to create multiple skeletal mesh (components) at different locations and set in the anim instance the “IsWalking” state to true.