hello i have some questions towards metahuman and customization

1 - will be possible to export meta humans in parts/pieces?? i means, i want to make a custom system inside my game then i will have mutiple bodies and parts to be assembled, then gonna be possible to export only part of the meshes like just head, tortso, legs, feet, hands, hairs or aways i must export the full character assembled or can even export only stuffs like outftis or hair to assemble on the “naked character”?

2 - we will be able to export the morphs from metahuman to be used in unreal in characters customization or aways will be only customizable on the site and export the result because this is a issue which CC from reallusion also have , you have many morphs but all to be used in the program you can’t export any morph to be usable inside unreal, on that i feel which programs like daz are better than metahuman because in daz you can export morphs too not just the character.

3 - i know this is a little more controversal question but for me and some others creators is a important, because in the same way i want to create "more family friendly games i also do plans to create more mature games like GTA, or cyberpunk 2099 or connan exiles or like those ones
House Party
or for vr industry too and those stuffs where you do have some "sex scenes"s then i’m asking if metahuman will give some sort of “support for this” i means being able to export a full naked character(without painted underwear) or all the bodies are obligatory "family friendly, in case of naked if it can support “extra stuffs” like “gens” , because for exemle far the only one again i know give this sort of "support is DAZ, they have fully naked characters and “gens”(i means genitalia) for both male and female, making it a good option for more mature games with some sex, then it also will be possible for metahuman, or maybe epic don’t allow this type of content?

4 skins details being able to export in a way where you can configure it inside unreal like a extra texture instead of being direct applied in the main texture, like a skin material will have multiple textures not only for things like normal map or AO, roughness but also for stuffs like scars, age wrinkles and those stuffs and you can "control it inside unreal in the material making the skin more customizable???


We’d like to know the answers to some of these questions as well, so bumping this!

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1 - Regarding character customization. You could do it, you would first need to pick the skeleton or skeleton subsets you want to use in your game. Then you would know what clothing sizes you need to create. For reference, MetaHumans have 18 body types and skeletal variations, this means every piece of clothing has 18 versions, not considering LODs.

2 - The faces aren’t simple morphs. This is a rigged character that runs live ‘RigLogic’ in Unreal Engine using ControlRig. It can’t really be compared to a standard game character creator or something like Daz of CC in these terms.

3 - There’s no current plan to release MetaHumans with genitals, but just like making clothing, there’s nothing stopping you from making naked MetaHumans.


thanks for the answers

1 - well this is good to know

2 - then it’s means which you can’t really export any morph and you can only “pre-made characters” without being able to have a “base mesh to customize” right? i’m not talking just about the face but in general in case later we get some "body moprhs. which for me is currently a big isse for meta human the lack of body customization, all the bodys are "basically the same, you can’t have things like more muscle, fat, big breasts and others stuffs which normally you could do with a proper character customization currently the only customization we have so far in meta is face, the body still almost the same just some “size changes” in full body but nothing really good to make really unique human bodies.

3 - hmmm sad i hope which at last a “naked texture” would be possible" because for what i read the current body have this “underwear” as body texutre instead of being a “different mesh” or at last have a "naked version without any genitally but at last “naked” without those underwear which is “extra work” to do to make a “naked texture around those parts”.
Because i’m planing in make a simulation game like sims however with more “mature public” in mind like gta then would be good for it to have acess to full naked models not wearing those underwear, this is why for now i’m using daz characters because they can be naked and you can apply the “gen” if you really need, this for now is making daz a better option than meta human for me and any other planning to make games or animations more tailored for more mature public.
anyway thanks for the answer and i hope in a future it could be proper adressed, because indeed the metahuman really look cool and i would like to give a try but not in the current state.

Another problem which bug me is the fact which you can’t have the character without wearing shoes, it don’t have a “remove shoes option” the best you can do is make then wear a sandal, otherwise you can’t have then wearing anything.

the product really looks interesting however if it’s only customizable inside the site and you can’t "have a sort of base mesh to create customization it’ s only make it a more "complete and complex version of CC which suffer the same issue of being a “pre made character make” again i’m not say which it’s not a really awesome product it’ just “limited” for peoples wanting "more freeomd and customization and not just creating different characters and throw in the game/movie.

Again really thanks for the answers, i will keep looking at it’s improviment but for now daz for my projects still a better option.

2 - Yes, you can make larger breasts the same way you would in any game engine. Load up the source file, make larger breasts, export as FBX and reimport. Yes, there’s no sculptural body customization in MetaHuman Creator.

3 - You can do anything, you can go wild, you’re not limited to a naked texture, you can add anything you want for your game, we just give you a good starting point.

for now daz for my projects still a better opton.

Agreed. :+1:

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2 - that is the issue those “extra works” for a indie like me with a team of currently 3 poeples any “extra work” is bad, it will make really pointless have MetaHuman if it don’t have what i really need because it was supposed to be a “fast solition” not "more work to do, but still ok thanks again for the answer.
about not body customization it’s just "temporary like for now no body customization or you have plans to add it in the future a proper body customization like in the face?, because honestly while face is really awesome no doubts, the body specially female one i feel which looks a little “too old” like to make old ladies is perfect body being too compact, small and falling boobs too flat body, the lack of customization in body make it’s only ok or good as long they are wearing cloths, anything like for exemple swinsuits or underwear and they start to look “too generic” in body, i really hope to see improviments in the body in the future.

3 - yeah i’m planning in really make a fun and wild game it will be as i told a mix between sim+gta series, the idea is making something where peoples can go from “normal to wild” in gameplay, when i said naked i wanted to means which the current texture for the characters skin come with underwear painted on it, you don’t have a full clean/naked version to change for this "underwear, which would means “more work” to fix the texture and remove the “underwear” from it.

anyway again thanks for all the answers keep the awesome job.

the only thing i seeying so far which seens to be "usefull would be the hairs since they are grooms then they can be used on any other character, i would use metahuman for the hairs since daz hairs are not game optmized.

anyway thanks again for the great support and be patient i will keep looking at MetaHuman and i would really like to give a try in a future.

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Yeah, the hair grooms are useful, but they still have a lot of issues using them with Daz characters. This is especially true with the facial hair grooms and anything using realtime morph targets changes on the face (they do not look good).

hmm thanks i had forget about that, then they will be really useless or i need to be carefull when using head morphs, because it also could go bad for hair, then the only usable "hair is the top hair, beards, mustachs and others stuffs are pretty bad atm if the character have morphs ofcourse characters without morph will be fine.

I’d love to know how to modify the general physiology of the metahumans (dang I feel like someone from Cadmus or STAR Labs typing that!) in order to make portrait of the characters from a mate’s books, and the characters are very different from each others.
Aubrey is a petite but stacked redhead, Eva is a tall blond surfer girl who would give OW’s Zarya a run for her money, Zoé is a model like raven haired office lady goddess, Shelley is a Sonya Blade-type of soldier woman, etc.

And given that there’s lots of hanky spanky stuff in the books too, Ellessarr’s question really echoed my own.