Dear Epic, I wonder if UE can sequence notes to use with modular synth and edit video like a simple NLE.
Less important is, does UE allow vector graphics?


Up. Please, it’s a very simple question, but I have 0 UE experience and I can’t get how to answer to myself.
I’m looking into this because I have to decide if UE is right for me.

Up. Please

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Oh, ok. Excuse me.

I can answer your second question, there is no direct support for vector graphics, however, you can use custom fonts (which are vector graphics based).

Thanks a lot for your help.
Don’t you know about music/video?

Sadly I don’t even understand your question, as I have never worked with sequencer :smiley:
But I guess it works like, if you find anything about it on Google, then you can do it; otherwise you probably can’t :smiley:

It’s about some way to “tell” the synth which note[s] should it play and in which order. And this is the piano roll.

The video sequencer is some way to glue a clip’s end to another beginning, optionally adding text and little graphic.