Questions with multiple variables in SaveGame


Yes you have to add all the variables you need to save.

If you have a set of multiple variables you cane make a structure.
For example player_data with health, level, points, inventory…
Level_data whit all the status or progression…

These structures comes really handy when you need to work whit that data… Game_instance, player_state, etc…

Hope it helps

[EDIT] you can also modify your data structure without have to modify your save game class

Hello everyone! So i am working with Save Game stuff, and i am having no problem with saving and loading a variable. But there is something that i can’t figure out and maybe there is no answer.

The SaveGame stores a series of variables that you have to input, for example, if you have your player’s HP you have to create a variable in the SaveGame that is “Player’s HP Data”. Does this mean that for each variable i want to store i have to create also a variable inside the SaveGame blueprint? I have searched for other posibilities but can’t seem to find anything that works well with multiple variables.

Thank you in advance!^^

Additional to what’s above, i would really suggest you to watch the video below if you have the time. Its made by the Unreal Engine team.

Its a bit long, but basically goes through everything about saving-loading.

So i ended using multiple structures and stuff. The only problem is that it takes some time to set up, but i guess in the long run is worth it. Thank you guys!