Questions with Morph.

Hello guys.
I am still new in unreal, and I’m with some doubts.
I have a character with animations Morph Target the max
How do I do the animation “run” in unreal?
I can do the control, generate excitement for this unreal?
Or just animating in max for example …
Either way I would like someone to help me, either with video or tutorial because I could not find how to do this control in Matinee or the blueprint …
I thank the guys for help.

Olá galera.
Sou novo ainda na unreal, e estou com algumas dúvidas.
Tenho um personagem com animações em Morph Target do max
Como que eu faço a animação “rodar” na unreal?
Eu consigo fazer o controle, gerar essa animação pela unreal?
Ou somente animando no max por exemplo…
Das duas formas eu gostaria alguém me ajudasse, seja com vídeo ou tutorial, pois não consegui encontrar como fazer esse controle na Matinee ou pelo blueprint…
Desde já agradeço a ajuda galera.


Not sure of the practical application as to why you want to do a run using morphs.

Morphs are point a to point b driven and is unique to the object it is applied to and is very limiting as to procedural driven control.

With in context it’s a good solution to add secondary motion or limited motion as a bird in flight or a character blinking or breathing in and out.

If you want vertex animation, good for 2d side scrollers and scripted effects, then frame to frame vertex animation (aka point cache data) currently on the road map is what you want as you can animate for effect and export using FBX (which already supports pcd).

Hello FrankieV, thanks for the response.
So I was not clear with my question.
I have a character with facial morph animations.
And would like to know how to “play” these animations in unreal.
Or if I can produzílas the unreal, without necessarily going for 3d max to animate the morph again.

Olá FrankieV
, valeu pela resposta.
Então não fui claro com a minha pergunta.
Tenho um personagem com animações faciais em morph.
E gostaria de saber como fazer para “tocar” essas animações na unreal.
Ou se eu consigo produzílas na unreal, sem necessariamente ir para o 3d max para anima novamente os morph.

Well it’s not going to be a switch and then it does it thing.

When you import a mesh with morphs, and as long as export and import morphs is checked, the data is stored as part of the “mesh” model. To play with it you can increase or decrease the morph value from 0 > 1 in the editor.

To trigger the morph you will have to make a blueprint that will trigger the morph as either an event or as a game tick. A bit more than can be explained here but if you ask the same questions in the blueprint section someone maybe nice enough to post a “make it work” blueprint.

As I mentioned though morph targets by themselves are extremely limited in us as to a absolute effect. Make a plant grow, make something wobble and to do something a lot more complex, like making a player model actually express and talk, then you will have to wait until point cache data support is added, on the road map at the moment, which a switch can be added to turn it on and off with out the need for complex blueprints or fancy physics.


As an opinion using morphs for expression, maybe, but to make characters talk not really an option and the better solution would to use cluster shaping instead.

Excellent primmer with a little old school Zak,
Basics though clusters is data driven which means you can use the animation data on any player model you wish and not be limited to a single player model as a limitation of morph data.

As well

If your going down this rabbit hole making a player model express is hard hard hard.

Not sure it will help, a recent french basic tuto about Morphing:

Interesting what you told me FrankieV.
And then the video, very good too.
But what I really wanted is what David Boura sent me.
Intuitive and clear enough, just what I needed.
Thanks a lot to both.
This community is the best of all …

Interessante o que tu me disse FrankieV.
E o vídeo então, muito bom também.
Mas o que eu realmente queria é o que o David Boura me enviou.
Intuitivo e bastante claro, justamente o que eu precisava.
Em breve posto o que eu fiz, esta ficando bacana na minha opinião.
Valeu mesmo aos dois.
Essa comunidade é a melhor de todas…

You’re welcome, feel free to ask if you need some translation!