[Questions] VR Archvis Service


I’m looking into creating Architectural VR content using Rift/Vive and UE4.

How have you guys normally approached this?

  1. [PROVIDER] Do you typically just provide the packaged .EXE to the client?
  2. [CLIENT] Do you typically expect clients to already have a Rift/Vive setup? (Should you provide/recommend/require it as part of the service?)
  3. [LEGAL] Are there any legalities that I should be aware of?
  4. [EPIC] For example, do I have to pay Epic by selling the packaged .EXE?
  5. [RIFT] I also read somewhere that the Oculus Rift does not allow commercial usage. (I need to read up on this a bit more, since majority of the links I found are quite old)
  6. [VIVE] As for the HTC Vive, it has recently launched a Business Edition, though I have yet to get a reply asking about the extents of the service.

I would love to hear any opinions regarding this.


  1. yes
  2. yes, too much trouble to provide the hardware.
  3. dunno, don’t think so.
  4. no royalties, 100% free 2 use.
  5. that would be surprising
  6. dunno.

Thanks for the reply @heartlessphil
Sounds positively good so far. :slight_smile: