Questions toward Skeleton

hello guys, i have few questions some are more “generic” and the last is more for peoples which like me are using Daz characters as base for they games or animations or anything else.

1 question - sharing skeleton: ok i have 2 base characters one male and one female, but both use the same “base skeleton”(daz basic skeleton), my question is what is the better, using a single skeleton for both(making both use the same skeleton when exporting) or have each one have they own skeleton, i asking that toward "differences between male and female like “jiggles” and others things, while for that for me sounds more logical each one have they own skeleton, when comes to “number of animations” it could lead to many "duplicated animations, which could be used by both, then for me could make more sense make then share the same skeleton and add jiggle effects and others based on the type of character "if male or female( and how i can do that, link specific animations effects to a specific mesh like it’s only for male or female when both are using the same skeleton)

2 - in order to make character "customization and “cut a character in pieces” i’m using the "single skeleton step, what i means is which i’m first export a “base character to be the “base skeleton” for all animations” then after that i inside daz(my 3d program) i cut that character in pieces by just deleting the parts of the mesh i don’t want like: i want to export the head they i delete all the body excluding the head and export the head with the full skeleton, then when saving inside unreal i mark to use the "base skeleton which i previous instaled, then i just merge all the pieces in the player character blueprint.
My question is if this is a good way or i’m doing wrong and have a better or right way to do that???

3 - that is the more specific for peoples using daz studio, it’s about retargeting animations and rootbones and rootmotions or in place motion, after a few time i noticed which daz characters have a “extra bone” between the pelvis and the root caled hip, that bone his does looks like acting like the “root or pelvis” bones when comes to animations this make me a little confuse about how i can proper "fixe some animations which are not in place and need to be adjusted before the use, then how exactly i can fixe move the “translations” from that bone to the root without mess with the animtion.

any help specially for question 1 and 2 would be very welcome.