Questions regarding that new Epic Online Services integration...

I apologize if I posted on the wrong board, but hopefully not. It’s about Epic Online Services (EOS).

So, I looked up on the new EOS, and while I get the gist of it, I looked back at my UE4 project and based on my technical requirements for the project, I still have some question about EOS I didn’t found on the docs:

  1. Is it necessary to implement the SDK for purely offline single player games that has achievements? I want my game to be Epic Games Store exclusive for Windows PC builds, and I still have long way to go for it, so EGS upcoming features or the game submission to Epic can wait.
  2. Can I deploy my game in other platform (consoles) outside of EGS without including the EOS integration?


I’d like to direct you to this link: Epic Online Services

If none of the existing articles answer your question, a contact email is provided.


Not to bring back an old thread, but I have questions about EOS. But, I have not been able to login to the dev portal for weeks and I do not see an email to contact, as you say there is one provided. Not really sure what I’m suppose to do or who specifically I’m suppose to contact? “Saml Error Code 27: Multiple matching contacts found.” This is the error I get when trying to login.

Hi Blakeanator. I’m following up on your error with our web developers. Please message me using the private message system here on the forums if you don’t hear back from me within a few days.


EDIT: It looks like you did successfully end up posting on the EOS community later in the day, so I’m assuming your issue was temporary and is resolved.


Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your response. I was able to login via my personal account, but our corporate account is still unable to login to the EOS community (that was the account receiving the login error). I can DM you the details if you’d like.

Thanks for your help!