Questions regarding selling games made with ue5, tax collection by Epic, and filing sales reports to Epic.

Hello, I am considering learning Unreal Engine to make a publish games, I have made and publish games with other game engines but Unreal Looks great however I have questions regarding the process of selling games with Epic, and help would be appreciated.


  1. How do i go about sending a report to Epic about game sales? I know they take a percentage of money from sales after a certain amount of sales, and they want you to send a report to them. Is sending the report hard? Where do i go to do this? Is it online or a paper form?

  2. How do you send money to Epic for their royalties? Lets say that I owe them 5k or whatever, how do I send that to them and do I get a receipt to write off the expense of sending them 5k? any money i send them will be taxed unless i can write it off so I would need a receipt. Do they send me a bill and i can use that to pay them? How does this work?

  3. Can i choose what platforms to sell on? I know Steam collects and deals with any and all sales tax collection and i’m not sure if Epic does also. I don’t want to have to collect sales tax for a whole bunch of countries and rather the platform (Steam/Epic) do this for me. If Epic doesn’t do that, do I have the option to not sell with them? Does anyone know if they handle all sales tax related stuff?

Hey! I’d recomment reading the end user license agreement, it can probably answer your questions, in particular the Royalty Addendum, section 6:
unreal-engine-end-user-license-agreement-d2812e10c642.pdf (319.9 KB)

I skimmed through it, it looks like you have to report your sales yourself, the document do provide a link that explains it further. I don’t know how they check that the information you send is accurate, perhaps the engine sends some data automatically.

Same thing for paying royalties, it seems you have to do it yourself, the link in the document also explains it further.

Regarding taxes, my understanding is that Epic does not do anything about that. It doesn’t seem that anything prevents you from not selling your game on the EGS, unless I’m missing something.

That’s all I could find, I hope that helped.

alright thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Hi @FCSGames @Jbl86 ,

In Fortnite Store and the new FAB they deduct tax and report sales
New Marketplace Creators are required to conform new procedures

Royalties are only deducted at 5% when the company earns over $1 Million dollars

UE 5.4 Engine has new licence requirements on non-gaming over $1 Million

There is a document that tells you how to set up your tax and Hyper Wallet for payment.

This is for Fortnite but if you go to Marketplace will need this completed.

Once you start your tax form you MUST complete tax online in three days or it will close and you will need to contact Player Support? and remember to answer all the questions check for the green tick. Have all you company and personal number and YOUR Tax Identification Number from your Government before you start. If you fill form in wrong your stuck and effectively have to wait 30 days for timeout of your application to start again!

ALWAYS select Electronic Signing for completion there is NOT enough time to send in the post

Set Up Your Tax Profile Epic Developer Community (

Set up your Tax Profile and Hyperwallet account - our creator programs Support (

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Alright thanks for the help, do you know if they handle sales tax for me like steam does?

Do you know if they send a receipt or something for me to write off my income? the could deduct the royalty from epic but if im selling a game on steam they would not be able to do that there.

hi @FCSGames ,
I dont know what the current way for sales tax, but the future will be based on the successful Fortnite structure once the FAB store starts supporting Unreal Engine assets

Just noticed on my FAB store purchase as a personal licence the UK Value Added sales Tax (VAT) has been added to the original price of the item. The sales receipt which shows the VAT breakdown in the electronic receipt

Here is the Payout documentation, when I joined for a UEFN Lego Islands account as above

Engagement Payout | Fortnite Creative Documentation | Epic Developer Community

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