Questions regarding EULA for my game.


According to game deployment guidelines I must put EULA into my game. On this page I downloaded an example of such agreement, but I still have some questions.

  1. Is it acceptable to just replace [Product] and [Licensor] with my own IDs, replace [Agreement] with “EULA” and leave the rest of the example unchanged?
  2. I’m creating my game alone, but designed my own pseudonym and logo. Game’s title page states my real name as owner of this logo. Can I use my pseudonym as [Licensor] in EULA, or I have to use my real name instead?
  3. Should I force player to read EULA before playing, or a button in main menu that allows to view EULA will be enough? If yes, should I add something like “by playing this game you agree with the following agreement” into EULA?
  4. Should I state that EULA means end user licence agreement, or such statement is excess?

Anyone knows the answers or someone who may know the answers? :slight_smile: