Questions Regarding 2D Isometric Game

Hey guys,

I was trying to figure out on how to set up an 2D isometric game with a 3D player character. I could not find a lot of info on the forums.

I have few questions and I have listed some solutions, please correct me if I am wrong!!

1. How do I set up the isometric grid?
a. Make an isometric grid in 3D and import the mesh

2. Isometric Camera, I made one but do I need more than just setting the “isometric view” ?
a. I have used orthographic setup and custom position for it to feel like isometric, is this enough…

**3. How will the collisions work? How do I set priority for the collisions? **

4. I am using a 3D player character, so do I have to do anything special for it?

Waiting for your reply guys,

Go onto the Learn tab of the Epic Games Launcher and download the Turn Based Strategy Project. You can reverse engineer everything in that. You might also want to look at the Strategy Game Project too (it’s further down)

Hey, thanks for your suggestion, I am downloading the project right now

Well, those are 3D isometric, not something I am looking for.

Can anyone still answer my doubts.