Questions regard animation and mesh LOD

Hey guys, I want to ask a few questions regarding animation and mesh LODs

So say my char has 5 LODs so thats 5 meshes and 5 sets of animations.

Do i need to create a separate rig for each LOD set of animations and model each animation set closely to the highest detailed one or do I just need to create a single rig and develop the animation cycle of the highest level of detail and slash the frames and quality as the char gets further?

I’m also concerned regarding how the animation and mesh would transition from a lower LOD to a higher LOD and vice versa while in mid animation. Say a character is seen 25 meters away doing a jump (LOD3) and in the middle of the jump the player character zooms his scope in and now its switched to LOD2. Is there anything extra I would need to do to make the transition seamless?

As the static mesh reaches its lowest LOD it may be made up from no more than 80-150 polys in contrast to 16k tris in LOD0, I anticipate some potential rigging issues and animation issues especially with rather extreme animations (backflips, contortions). Would it be realistic to fix something so far though? Say a character’s foot pops at a distance of 250 meters and its barely 10 pixels on the screen. I do feel its pretty hard to see but I also fear the prospect of animation errors that could arise if a character zooms their scope in and transitions a animation with a pop leg in mid animation to be a correct animation from LOD5-3

Would love to hear your inputs and take the right steps and thanks again guys!

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