Questions pertaining to starting an indie game company

I’m getting ready to start my own indie game company and have some questions I’m hoping someone can answer.

First, is it absolutely necessary to have a business plan? If so, how should it be written? I’ve been puzzling over this one for a while and don’t know if I need one because I’m just starting out.

Next, once my game is finished and released, what’s the best way of tracking how much I owe Epic for using their engine?

Lastly, I’m interested in eventually releasing a game on PlayStation. Once I get the paperwork with Sony out of the way, how do I get access to UE4’s ability to release my game for PlayStation? Do I need to reach out to Epic?

If I think of anything else I’ll be sure to add it to the list.

Yes, business is a big part of developing a commercial game–you need to figure out what type of company you need to create, how taxes will work, etc. There’s probably some guides about it you can search for
Depending on how your game is sold, you will get sales results, so it’ll be simple to calculate how much you owe–remember though, if you sell on Steam they take 30%, but Epic takes 5% of the starting amount, not the amount left over after Steam takes their cut.
For PS4, once you have support from Sony, then you can contact Epic licensing to get access to the PS4 version of UE4.

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Dartviper107 is absolute right. you need a Business plan. I’ve been working on main for over a year. google Business plan. take what you like form different ones. (That’s what I did.)
You will find things you never would have thought about being important.
I’m going with an LLC in about 3 months

after that you need to write a GDD and a TDD (Game Design document and Technical Design Document)

a business plan is a most with the GDD and TDD if you plan on raise money or get investors.
will also help if you want to hire people, They can see your for real see you have a plan you know what you want and that you have a vision.

A lot more to it then gust making a game. get an attorney, (Will need one if you plan on hiring freelancers.) get and tax Attorney also. (Like Darhviper107 said “Steam they take 30%, but Epic takes 5% of the starting amount, not the amount left over after Steam takes their cut.”)

even if you are a one or two man team You still need to do all of this. (Trust me I Know.) even if it’s your best friend get and attorney and have a business plan. get every thing in writing. down to the smallest thing
if not you will not have a best when it’s all done, if you make it that far!

good luck.

Ok, thank you for the helpful replies! Was reading an interesting article pertaining to business plans recently, though it kind of says the opposite: A Business Plan For Indie Game Developers Doesn't Exist - Reality is a Game

I’ll look for attorneys and figure out a business plan. Currently working on my GDD/TDD.

I disagree with all of the above! Ok, that’s not true, I don’t disagree with any of it. However, your first and foremost priority should be… making your game. Everything said is important, but if you don’t have a game, or at least a prototype of a game, none of it matters. Write a business plan or partner agreement if you must, and definitely draw up a design document so you have a plan that is iterative with defined milestones, understanding fully that it will change over time… a good design document is a living, breathing entity. Then get started making something functional. There are hoops you will have to jump through for various programs such as Steam and iOS or Android app stores, but don’t let those things take the majority of your time. The biggest cause of burnout I see in people starting down this path, not just in games, is that they spend so much time worrying and obsessing over the things that only matter if they actually finish a project that they don’t actually finish a project.