questions or features requests

  1. can you change in some way the actual Blue Wireframe on Top colour for the Landscape Visualisation into any other colour? if not maybe a feature request!?
  2. Is there any Button to Toggle “Terrain Camera collision On/Off” (When this Botton is On you cannot fly or move under the Landscape during editing a level and when Off you can!)
  3. In UDK Editor there is a Option to choose called “Unlit Movement” is tihis also in UE4 somewhere to use!? Is this Usefull for a Feature Request?
  4. i am learning the Sequencer now
    …so my question is about Matinee is Matinee removed in the future or both will stay in ue4 so i can learn Matinee also??
  5. why the Swarm Agent has not the same User Interface Theme like UE4 it looks old era Programm?!!! It would be cool if this Fits with UE4 Theme!
  6. Painting Decals
    sorry for my bad English!

Matinee is old system, just ignore it. Enjoy Sequencer which is actively developed :slight_smile: