Questions on zoom into item and slide out video in a HUD

I am looking to figure out how to do a couple of things out of the sequence below. You have a clickable hotspot when you roll over it a text box pops up labeling the item. Once clicked it zooms the scene onto the item a hud pops up with info and buttons. If you click on the watch video button the video player slides out into view. So, I am looking to figure out how to zoom the scene on the product once the hotspot is clicked and how to have the slide-out video. Any direction on these items would be helpful! Thank you!

Hi man.

The zoom really depend on two things.
the position of the objecct you want to zoom and the size of the object.
if you have all object of same size you are ok ,otherwise you have to set the proper distance for every size object.

Are you using actors ?
if so , and these models are actors you can specify a float:size .
Then you just have to choose the actor you want to zoom, read position and size.
and lerp your camera on that position .
The zoom could be handled just with some vectors or making a special actor camera.
Basically you want to place the camera in . the position of the object + a vector of the camera direction * the size of the actor (or something like that )
Or you can build a camera that have a scene component in the center, a the camera as child.
Moving the camera far from the center, and instead of rotating the camera , rotating the scenecomponent.
So you would keep the Look and the Zoom as separate values.

Moving the Widget is not easy as it should be ,
here a tutorial for moving the Widget with a simple animation

Thanks! I was able to figure out the moving widget and get it to do what I wanted with the help of the video. I am using actors. I haven’t worked on the zoom thing yet that will be next on the list once I finish up tweeking the moving widget.